Massey Unzips

At the end of four years study for Massey University’s Bachelor of Design in Fashion comes the sadly brief, but rewarding glitter of a catwalk show. This year’s show was titled UnZipped and was crisply performed with great lighting and an excellent variety of music.

The work of 54 students, each presenting four ensembles, was sent out along the catwalk for a very interested public and media viewing. And there were, of course, 54 different takes on clothing, textures, materials and underlying spirits. On view were inspirations from Dada art, 1960s retro, the Mordor-doom scenario, culture-specific motifs and the animal kingdom. Materials ranged from the luxuriously silky through to big-knit wool, bamboo, PVC and unnervingly delicate crystals.

As a show, it was sparky and rapid-fire. Yet, wistfully, one ponders what will happen to all this work so exhaustively produced. Pieces might be taken apart, perhaps boxed up, or given away to admirers. Whichever outcomes transpire, the show is certainly a high peak in the university’s curriculum.
The photo shows the four ensembles presented by Emma Hewson under the collection name ‘NightSwimming’.