Coming to an arrangement with World Man

From World comes a range of men’s clothing of great architecture and finish. The range nicely avoids being dour, and with subtle detailing and flicks of colour, talks of poise.

The shirt on the obliging mannequin is called ‘Hills Alive’ – robust cotton, with brilliant orange buttons against clean stripes of blue. Over the shirt is the ‘Friedrich Jacket’ – done in a fine-knit wool in tones of charcoal and mushroom. Across the breast is embroidered, in silver thread, the word MAN in a fascinating cross between typography and seismic charts.

And the trousers are ‘Hills Alive’ shorts – worked in a heavy waxed cotton, given a few splashes resembling bleach spots, and secretly lined inside with panels of enchanting print depicting lots of little houses.
World Man’s clothes are both garments, as well as voyages into the stylish.