From Oslo to Wellington

The Scandinavian designer Henrik Vibskov is one of those rare polymaths who stride across many disciplines – clothes design, installation art, music, and the production of limited edition books. A graduate of St Martin’s in London, his main retail outlets are in Oslo and Copenhagen, and his shows introduce their audiences to dazzling concoctions of big colour patches, fur, quilting and knitwear with curious collection names like ‘Land of the Black Carrots’ and the ‘Fantabulous Bicycle Music Factory’.

It is seldom his works travel the thousands of kilometres to New Zealand, yet one outlet, the Good as Gold boutique at 140 Victoria Street, Wellington, under the helmsman ship of Ruben Bryant, has come to stock some of Vibskov’s work.

The photo shows one of the items from the collection titled ‘The Slippery Spiral Situation’. It is a wonderful work of big wool knitwear, basking in the theatrical design voyage of oatmeal colour at the top to night-black at the hem. And, like little tufts, or snagged seed pods, miniature balls of white wool parade themselves all over the garment.