Bird in Cage



The sheer amount of invention shown by a new
wave of New Zealand jewellery designers is
stunning. Here is the work of dedicated individuals
following their own paths of imagination, themes and
choices of materials.

One of the many trends to captivate designers is the
enjoyment of working on a small, almost microscopic
scale. These are the pieces of jewellery you get close
up to; they become the objects which carry the patina
of heirloom about them.

This delicious work, titled the Bird in Cage locket, is by
Rebecca Fargher and revels in minute execution. It is
modelled in sterling silver which has been oxidised, then
the surface highlights have been polished back to give
the gleam of silver. As a locket, it is a charming sphere
which opens to reveal a bird swinging from a collar against
a background of finely-etched trees.

For much of this jewellery, it has been the rise of specialist
dealer galleries offering featured artist exhibitions which have
allowed such works to be viewed and sought after by a
global public. In this case, the dealer gallery is Quoil of
Willis Street, Wellington.