Ziera: An Exercise in Rebranding

    Some fifty years ago, a shoe shop opened in Hamilton called Mervyn Adams. It was established to promote and sell shoes that were based on the architecture of orthotics. It soon came to have a nationwide presence, then was rebranded as Kumfs. Under this label it established overseas branches.
    Within the past few months, Kumfs has been rebranded as Ziera Shoes. Underpinning the rebranding is the continuing attention to orthotic comfort, but overlaid onto this are crisp, fresh styles, colour matching and thoughtful detailing. The rebranding has also included shop makeovers to present the stock in a light, uncluttered atmosphere. One motif in this rebranding is the use of a peaceful green colour running through the interior decoration. Other motifs include the butterfly and the stylised orchid bloom.
    The photo shows a corner of the Wellington shop at 83 Willis Street where a comment board is part of the ‘welcoming initiative’. The board is a gesture of politeness firmly announcing rebranding doesn’t have to mean alienating an existing clientele. One of the comments – Mmmm Zesty – seems to sum the project up nicely.