Blue, reversible

    KILT, the Hawkes Bay design house, revels in producing a wide range of garments and releasing them quietly onto the market. They don’t work in seasonal ranges and as they have six outlets, there is opportunity to present their flavours and crafting to a wide audience.
    Shown here is their cameo jacket, produced in bold, tasty colours like red, black, and the royal blue of this one.
    The lining is a cotton tartan – the lines and threads of the design being mute and subtle, and not necessarily identifiable as belonging to any one particular clan. The outer material is a cotton drill, sturdy enough to allow the details of gathering to maintain a sculptural form. The jacket is reversible, so when the tartan is on the outside, the blue becomes a rich garnish around the edges. All in all, a bold and lovable garment available from Kilt at 100 Victoria Street, Wellington.