Ink over Linen, by Hermione Flynn

Hermione Flynn lifted eight suits from  her summer collection called A Modern Ritual, put them on models and with anarchic joy, instructed the models to draw all over each other in a shop-gallery setting. Using drips of ink and fine pen lines, the models embarked on a performance which eventually finished with a stunningly altered collection. 

It was the artist directing the alteration of her own work. It took hours. The garments were transformed into new items slowly and with concentration. It was art, and performance, and agony – something to watch and savour. At the end, there were photos, video footage, and about 25 newly inked garments.

Challenge is an essential component of Flynn’s work – she will take us into ideas and juxtapositions which may have just ambled past our notice in the regular routines of living. 

The ink-overlay pieces are for sale in the same way a designer’s sub-collection or an artist’s lithographs are for sale: limited edition, and special. It would be an astute art museum which chose to add one of these works to their holdings.

Terence H