From Crane Brothers

For their summer offerings of ready-to-wear, Crane Brothers have produced a range of suits using Escorial wool. This is the wool derived from a centuries-old flock of sheep which was once a treasure of Spain, but in recent history, now exists as flocks in Australia and New Zealand. As a fibre, it is supremely lightweight, but with a resilience which means it doesn’t crease. It also has a remarkable, satisfying sheen quite unlike any other wool.

In styling, the Crane Brothers summer suits embrace a world of three-piece ensembles, and a mathematical precision of pattern-making and cutting. With joyful spirit, the collection is based on the character of Dickie Greenleaf, the errant son from the 1955 novel The Talented Mr Ripley, so well turned into the sartorial visual marker in the 1999 film.