World Man

There is an assuredness about World’s summer collection of men’s garments. Fun, unexpected materials and jazzy compilations make this showing a wardrobe of possibilities.

Done in a rich, harbourside-blue brocade, this is World’s ‘Perfect Beat’ blazer. Excellent pattern-making and tailoring has turned what was once deemed the fabric of an occasional adventurous cushion into a parading piece of modern couture.


Like a work of abstract art from a Manhattan studio, this jacket proclaims its paint-drip patterning with no explanation. It’s pure take it or leave it.

Threading through this collection are references to music – particularly the world of 1980s Bronx-based hip hop performers. Many of the garments’ names celebrate such recording artists as Tone Loc and Afrika Bambaataa. These references are not strident, but exist in their own underlying layer. Such themes and vibrations also feature in World’s summer collection for women.