Lost in a world of soft gold

It is called the ‘Love Dress’.
It is from the Alexandra Owen 2010/11 collection.
And it is magic.
The fabric is sand-washed silk; the silk being tumbled with small stones to give it a brushed and slightly chalky feel. This treatment, coupled with the serendipitous colour, gives the fabric a fascinating appeal; not unlike the secret gleam of ancient gold artifacts in a museum.

The architecture and styling of the dress pays tribute to the 1930s-40s spirit of two-part assembly: a fitting bodice with a swooping skirt. The bodice, through ingenious stitching and gathering, has a wonderful complexity of volumes and horizontal accents, while the skirt is a pure waterfall of drapery. It is the sheer amount of fabric that allows this luxurious drop – the rolled hemline actually travels 9m in circumference.

Inside the dress is a cotton lining for strength and comfort. And while unseen, it further carries the theme of finesse with its Paisley patterning which is flecked with bronze and burnt Sienna sparkles.
The ‘Love Dress’ is at Alexandra Owen, 253 Wakefield Street, Wellington.