Tailored Fun

Among the racks of well-tailored menswear at Marvel, 106 Victoria Street, are garments from the Christchurch-based partnership of Mickey Lin and Ra Thomson trading as MisteR. Browsing one of their creations is a journey through fun and excellent craftsmanship. This jacket is part of a three-piece suit from the 2010 Winter collection subtly based on themes to do with circus and ‘best in show’ events. The material is 100% wool suiting cloth, with sleeve linings of silk and body linings of cotton. The large stamp – the MR within a rosette – is screen printed onto the lining, and hints at designers’ marks stamped onto bolts of material from decades ago. It also hints of prize-winners in shows and exhibitions. Another fun detail in the garment is the occasional use of a patterned, fabric-covered button as a little sparkle of attraction amidst otherwise standard buttons. And, deep inside the garment – protected almost –lies a flap on which is written the edition number. This is like an author numbering each copy of a book, or an artist numbering each print as it comes off the printing press. Turn the flap over and you read “Made with love in NZ by your new found friends Mick & Ra”. Great fun, great poise, and with excellent drafting and stitching. TH